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Monday, September 22, 2014

Life and Death

I visited the grave of a dear departed friend today. As I stood by his burial plot, I said to him, "You were a good friend. It was such a joy to know you. I will always remember your smile, and your laugh."

I said a prayer, thanking God for my friend's life and for his presence in my life. My life is so much richer because of our friendship. And I also gave thanks that my friend is now in God's eternal care.

Sometimes we strive so much in this life for fame, or just recognition that we have accomplished something important. But when you're gone, the ones that will remember you and still care that you lived, are the ones with whom you have formed relationships.

I looked at all the tombstones in the cemetery and I thought, the only ones who care about all the people buried here are their family and dear friends, the people who loved them in life and took time to form relationships with them in life. Nobody else knows who they are or what they accomplished in life.

The whole point of life is not recognition, but love.

Jesus said it best: Love God, love neighbor.

That is all that matters.

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